Angel’s Share

Angel’s Share

8 Stuyvesant St

One of the oldest modern-day speakeasies, it is the most tranquil one, featuring some of the most exotic cocktails in the city.

Angel’s Share is a true modern-day speakeasy. It has no website, does not accept reservations, tolerates no loud voices, has no standing room, and is closed to groups of larger than 4 people.

It is a tranquil spot created specifically for people to enjoy a cocktail and a quiet conversation. The place was created by its Japanese-born anonymous owner who missed quiet bars back home where one could actually carry out a civilized conversation.

The name “Angel’s Share” is inspired by an old Scottish legend which suggests that whenever some whiskey evaporates through the barrels, angels must have taken their share.

This place offers some of the city’s most unusual cocktails, prepared with house-made infusions. Scroll through the menu and take your time, as you will not find too many known concoctions.

Cocktails with a view in Angel's Share
Cocktails with a view in Angel’s Share
Angel's Share cocktail and a tree
Angel’s Share cocktail and a tree


Angel's Share cocktails
Angel’s Share cocktails
Exotic cocktail in Angel's Share
Exotic cocktail in Angel’s Share


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