Employees Only


510 Hudson St

Exquisite cocktails and delectable food in a sensual Art Deco atmosphere.

Even though Employees Only is a modern-day speakeasy (it opened in 2004), the building it occupies dates to 1827. Initially, it was intended as a simple residential structure for working-class families. As it changed hands, the ground floor was converted into a commercial space which was beautifully redesigned as a glamorous speakeasy.

The space is meant to evoke the glamour and excitement of the Roaring 20s, with its bold geometric art-deco detail and dim sensual lighting. Ironically, during the 1920s, it was anything but glamorous – it served as a funeral parlor! The marble floor is the only authentic element from the era. The bar is decorated with vintage pieces, but for a real treat make sure to check out the naughty collection of erotic photos in the bathroom!

Bar condiments at Emploees only
Bar condiments
Busy bar on a Saturday night at Emploees only
Busy bar on a Saturday night

Emploees only 5

Emploees only bathroom photos
Naughty vintage photos in the bathroom
Bar at Emploees only
Very well stocked bar


A cocktails at Emploees only
One of the fabulous cocktails served in a glass with bar insignia

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