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Delve into the intriguing history of secret speakeasies and bars with NYC Bars: Guide to Speakeasies and Historic Bars!

New York has a fascinating story to tell. To discover it, a museum visit isn’t always necessary… try going to a bar instead! Step back in time and experience the old New York while having a glass of wine in one of the good old watering holes, or feel the excitement of finding speakeasies as if the Prohibition was still the law of the land.

This original, local guide will help you find modern-day speakeasies as a well as the bars that actually survived the Prohibition. If you enjoy a perfectly crafted cocktail served in a classy atmosphere and are interested in discovering places usually hidden from tourists, then NYC Bars is the only city guide app worth your time!

NYC Bars is a city guide app that helps you spot secret places, as well as bars with historical significance. The app features bars that have been quenching peoples’ thirst since the 19th century, secret spots dating back to the Prohibition, as well as exciting, modern-day speakeasies. No other guide provides such a curated, hand-picked selection.

A regular night out can become quite an adventure as you discover a plethora of hidden bars throughout New York. While some of the speakeasies have markings indicating their presence, others are so well hidden that anyone could easily pass by without noticing!

After years of research and decades of living and drinking in New York, we crafted this local guide app. It includes some of New York’s best speakeasies specializing in Prohibition Era cocktails as well as old bars carrying a small slice of New York history.

New Yorkers have a quite a long history of drinking. By visiting these bars, you yourself can become part of that narrative. Since each historic bar/restaurant has a story to tell, get to know it by reading through the app’s descriptive and entertaining articles. Each speakeasy has its own special feature, from its vintage decor to a secret entrance to the best cocktails in town – discover them all!

Open the app to find the historic bars and hidden speakeasies. See which of these establishments offer happy hour, which are open during the day, which offer outside seating, and many other practical details.

Just tap the place to find useful information about it. View its working hours, see its average drink price, make a reservation, search happy hour information, view photos, and read reviews from real customers.

Explore the best historic bars and New York speakeasies. Navigate the app’s integrated map and find the exact location of the place you want to visit. After reading about the bar you can choose to add it to your Favorites. The app is highly informative and constantly updated.

🗽NYC BARS: Guide to Speakeasies and Historic Bars FEATURES
✔️ New York’s best speakeasies
✔️ Historic bars and restaurants in NYC
✔️ Unusual & memorable ways to enjoy NYC
✔️ An intuitive and easy-to-use interface
✔️ Different search categories
✔️ A “favorites” selector
✔️ Reviews and photos
✔️ Reservations made easy
✔️ A map/navigation tool for finding exact locations
✔️ GPS-based feature suggesting places closest to you
✔️Off-line feature availability

Let NYC BARS: Guide to Speakeasies and Historic Bars be your personal guide for an exciting, off-beat, and memorable New York City adventure!

Download and enjoy!

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