Romantic Christmas in New York

There is nothing like New York during the holidays: it’s all sparkles and cheer! There are holiday markets, ice-skating rinks, hot chocolate sold on the street, and more Christmas trees than you can count.

A wonderful new way to experience the holidays in the city while learning a thing or two about it is “Questo” – a city exploration game. Playing a game, you get to discover new places, solve puzzles, learn history, and be a character in a story. Presenting:

Romantic Christmas: Mystery of a Lost Lover, New York

You are a young journalist based in New York. 
You met him around Christmastime. What connected you two was this obsession with winter, the romance of the snow and ice, cold air on your faces, and cozy nights that warmed your hearts.  You walked the holiday-decked streets of New York, hand in hand, freezing, drinking hot chocolate, warming each other and sharing Christmas stories. He left with the North Pole expedition, and you agreed to meet the following year at Christmas. 

It was 3 years ago…

Playing the game, you will see iconic New York Christmas sights, learn the real story of Santa Claus, find out how the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree tradition was born, admire the famous holiday store windows along 5th Avenue, get into the romantic mood with the story of two lovers and feel the excitement and joy of New York during the holidays!

  • Step 1: Book online at and get ready to play
  • Step 2: Download the game to your phone from Google Play or App Store
  • Step 3: Play – walk abound the city following in-app instructions, solving clues, and learning stories about the city

2 Comments Add yours

  1. QueenMary74 says:

    Amazing and so creative!


    1. Thank you so much! It is really a very entertaining and informative way to self-guide through the city.


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