Central Park and the Museum Mile – city exploration game

New York. City of dreams, where fates turn in a flash, for better… or worse. You’re Thomas Clark, a famed detective known for solving art crimes. You’ve traveled the world finding long-lost masterpieces. No false modesty here – YOU ARE THE BEST.

You’ve been hired to solve a case connected to Central Park. You are ready…

This city exploration game/self-guided tour will take you through some nooks and crannies of Central Park and will guide you along the stretch of Fifth Avenue, known as the Museum Mile. An exciting way to explore the city with a small group or your family, or even just by yourself. You’ll solve puzzles, look for clues and get to discover hidden spots and intriguing stories.

Central Park Highlights: Hunt for Stolen Archives

Being a detective, you’ll chase a thief through Central Park, figuring out his steps and, in the process, seeing world-famous museums and Gilded Age mansions. You’ll learn the tragic story of the first American supermodel and will get to walk around some of the most picturesque places in Central Park, with plenty of spectacular photo ops.

Here is how to do it:


Bethesda Terrace in Central Park
A sunset view over Reservoir in Central Park
The Guggenheim Museum
A couple solving the next clue

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